La Boracay 2013

It's hard to think of which topic to start off a blog, since it's my first time to write! ;) Few months ago before I went to South Korea, I had 4-day-fun-vacation at Boracay. If you guys didn't know where the hell Boracay is, its somewhere in the Philippines. It is one of the most popluar vacation spot in my country. Yes, Its a true paradise! White sand, friendly locals, hotels, restaurants and bars offering international cuisine just off the beach. And fyi, this island turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join in.

 My favorite part in this vacation was mostly about food. Haha! I totally hate myself for not taking photos of my favorite restaurants there. Urgh! :| I promise to take more photos of food next time I visit boracay. I swear.

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